Gluten intolerance/Coeliac disease

Ms Stemmer from Munich reports: “I travel a lot – and that is also a requirement of my job, as I have to be mobile. For me it is an everyday event to have meetings entailing business lunches. It is inappropriate to talk about my gluten intolerance in front of the others in such a case, because this gives them the impression that I am pitiful and ill and need to be taken care of.

That is why going to restaurants with my allergies was generally a burdensome endeavour and moreover an intrusion into my privacy. The DELICARDO Foodcard spares me this inconvenience and for that I am truly grateful!”

Gluten-sensitive enteropathy – that is the umbrella term for coeliac sprue and coeliac disease. The term coeliac sprue is used for adult sufferers of gluten intolerance; when children are afflicted the condition is called coeliac disease. [1] However, in everyday language we often use the terms gluten hypersensitivity or gluten intolerance in both instances. But this does not mean that even the most minimal traces of gluten could be consumed without causing an allergic reaction.