(Hen´s) Egg allergy

Mr Thomsen from Frankfurt reports: „I have been living in Frankfurt for two years now and I’ve grown accustomed to the city. As I suffer from an allergy to hen’s eggs I went looking for restaurants suitable for allergy sufferers the instant I moved here. Sadly, I couldn’t really find any.

Thanks to my DELICARDO Foodcard I can now go to any restaurant that takes my fancy and I don’t feel as restricted anymore!“

Egg allergy is one of the most common food allergies. It is especially prevalent among babies and young children and can cause severe allergic reactions. However, in most cases (~ 80 %) the egg allergy dies down by the time the children reach school age. (1)

An uncomplicated way to explain not eating this food when dining out, for example in daycare, when invited out or travelling or in restaurants is to use the DELICARDO Foodcard! …read more